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Direct Support Professional from United States
  • Over 400 childcare hrs
  • Has driver's license

Available to start:

August 2022

Experienced Direct Care Support Professional who is passionate about supporting individuals in their daily life and achieving life skills ! Send a message

"Dear Family" Letter:

What profession did you choose and why did you do so? I enjoy working in the health care field, specifically as support staff for individuals with special needs. I previously worked as a House manager and direct support staff for adults with special needs with diagnoses ranging from autism, Down Syndrome, Aspergers, physically disabled, and/or low/high functioning. I have become an advocate and want to continue breaking the stigma that people with special needs have. I think people with special needs deserve to be understood because they are creative, unique, and smart. Ultimately, I decided on this career because I have family members with special needs and that is how I became interested in learning more about different disabilities. Why did you decide to work as a live-in caregiver? I have decided to become a live-in caregiver because I hope to one day have my own business that provides services for individuals with developmental disabilities. This would be a great opportunity for me to learn and grow at a personal and professional level. I also have the required background experience and would easily fit into the role. Why are you the best fit for a family and what are your special skills when working with children? I am the best fit for a family because I am respectful and I will be there to meet your family's needs and wishes. Although I will be there to assist with your child, I will also become a part of your family. We will have shared and common goals to meet. Additionally, I have positive feedback from not only my managers but also complete strangers! I love taking my clients to the mall, and whenever strangers see me with my clients interact I usually get random people to comment how wonderful and attentive I am with my clients. I also recently had a teen join our home and his parents confessed they were hesitant at first until they met me. After meeting with me, they told me they felt comfortable with their choice of me caring for their child. How do you like to spend your free time? I used to play sports when I was younger, but now I usually just watch sports on T.V. or attend games. I do enjoy spending my time watching football and basketball. Also, I am an Eagles fan! How would you describe your driving skills? I have been driving for 20 years now. I am a careful and responsible driver. I have experience providing transportation to my clients. I like to quickly learn and familiarize myself with the roads and surrounding areas. What else should a family know about you? Dear host family, for starters I am family-oriented and easy-going, easy to get along with. I will do anything for your family and I am a team player. I will always respect you, I believe in being my authentic self, and I truly want to make a positive impact.

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More about Trevyon

Trevyon (Trey) is a Direct Care Support Professional and has extensive experience working with individuals with both behavioral and physical special needs. He is currently working in a Day Program since 2015 where he assists individuals from ages 9-67! Trey is comfortable with providing personal care, transferring from wheelchairs and cars, and loves to take his clients out into the community. He has even taken 6 individuals on a 7 day cruise! Trey has experience working with non-verbal individuals, aggressive behavior, and working together on gaining life skills. He has lived with 2 clients (ages 23 and 31) over a two year period. Trey is good with living with family pets and is looking forward to supporting your family as soon as February 2022! LINK:

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  • Currently lives in United States
Dietary considerations

I eat everything

Highest degree

College Degree


Direct Support Professional

Ideal family location

United States

What are some ways you can think of to prevent and deal with culture shock and home sickness when they arise?

Stay in touch with phone calls and video calls.

Important qualities and skill of the Au Pair:

They need to be experience working with 1-2 year olds and preschool age children.

For the 1-2 year old they need to be comfortable getting down on the ground and helping Finn with his gross and fine motor skills. They need to love to read, do art or play music to engage him creatively as well.

For our 4 year old, just be fun and loving! She loves ballet, dramatic play, baking, arts and crafts. So someone who is able to make up activities easily!

Most important things when selecting an Au Pair:

  1. 1) Experience with 1-4 year olds. Mainly important with the younger kids as they will spend more time with him.
  2. 2) Independent.
  3. 3) Engaging with the kids - loves spending time with kids!
  4. 4) Organized and proactive around the house.

List of responsibilities the Au Pair will have:

  1. 1) Helping with breakfast and/or making lunch for Evie
  2. 2) Pick up and/or drop off (one kid - depends on the day).
  3. 3) On certain days being with Finn and taking him on walks, to the library, music class, swimming, playground, gymnastics.
  4. 4) Help with dinner, bath, bed time. So light cooking for the kids and clean up.
  5. 5) Help with random errands to the grocery store.

Most important rules at home:

  1. 1) Clean up after yourself and the kids.
  2. 2) Take shoes off in the house.
  3. 3) Be proactive if you see something that needs to be cleaned.

Post secondary accredited educational opportunities in hometown area:

Au Pair's private bedroom:

It is private with its own pedestrian entrance.

It has its own shower/bathroom, a queen bed, chairs, a pelaton, fridge, sink, kettle, and microwave. So its pretty amazing! Very light and pretty room.

It is by the swimming pool and hot tub so in the summer on weekends we will likely be down there.

Transportation Available?

Car, walking distance to downtown with shops.

Desired languages:


Ideal Au Pair's personality:

Fun, energetic, happy, easy-going, intelligent, considerate, caring, patient, creative, proactive/takes initiative.

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Available to start: August 2022


7-10, 11-15, 16-18

Direct Support Professional

native english speaker of English study

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    United States
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