Published: December 27, 2020


Personal Caregiver from United States
  • Over 8000 childcare hrs
  • Over 8000 infant care hrs
  • Has driver's license

Available to start:

January 2022

Special Needs Caregiver who enjoys working with infants and toddlers and has experience working with autism. Send a message

"Dear Family" Letter:

What profession did you choose and why did you do so? I chose the medical and home care field due to my love for caring for others. My brother has sickle cell and my younger brother is autistic, so at a young age, I was exposed to learning how to manage and raise my siblings due to my mom being a single parent. I am a middle child and I took on the responsibility and role while my mom would work nights at the hospital. I never saw it as a job or a burden, I saw it as loving and caring for my family. It felt good helping others that were too sick to do so or mentally couldn't grasp things at an early age. When I was in second grade my best friends were twin sisters, one who had Down syndrome. At an early age, I learned about the diagnosis. I would have so much fun with her and we would all play together. Moreover, I knew from an early age I enjoyed caring for and assisting others. I began babysitting and took courses to perfect my skills and decided to obtain my CPR / First Aid License. Further, in high school, I was in honors classes that included CNA courses. After graduating high school in 2015, I had already completed 1 full year of college majoring in nursing and a minor was psychology. However, after my first year, I dropped out of college due to financial aid issues and went to work as a CNA for 2 years. After that, I worked as a DSP working with adults and children with mental disabilities of all kinds across the spectrum. I loved that way more than CNA so I did it for about 3 years and then transferred over to in-home care for a few years. Soon after I started my own healthcare company back in November of 2020 but due to covid having to shut down I paid everything out of pocket to start my dream business and I was very proud of myself. Why did you decide to work as a live-in caregiver? I feel that this approach would help me as a person and it is very much aligned with my career. Professionally, it would help me because I would be with my host child and learn about the host child, creating a bond and relationship on a personal level, and 1:1 basis. Why are you the best fit for a family and what are your special skills when working with children? I feel that I definitely am the best fit due to my years of experience and skills. I'm not just book smart on these disabilities; I'm passionate about achieving goals with my future host child. I have experience in being hands-on with individuals of all types across the spectrum. I've experienced behaviors and ect . I have the professional training and professional skills from being in-home or a facility. I care about your child's happiness and well-being that's my main priority. How do you like to spend your free time? I love being social, adventurous, movies, music, and dancing, and catching up on my studying for when I do return to nursing school. How would you describe your driving skills? I have excellent driving skills. I follow all traffic and road laws. Seat belts are a MUST or booster seat! What else should a family know about you? I am 24years old and I have exactly what you need to make your and your child's life easier and more importantly fulfilling. I'm ready and prepared to become a live-in caregiver.

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More about Amber

Amber is a Personal Caregiver who has experience working with children and seniors. Through her experience working with a home care agency, Amber is experienced with providing personal care, assistance with ADLs, transportation needs and meal preparation. In addition, Amber has worked for a family daycare where she cared for infants and toddlers. She loves living with dogs and is open to location throughout the US. Amber is looking forward to supporting your family beginning in January.

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  • Currently lives in United States
Dietary considerations


Highest degree

Vocational Training (Berufsausbildung)


Personal Caregiver

Ideal family location

United States

What are some ways you can think of to prevent and deal with culture shock and home sickness when they arise?

Staying connected through phone calls.

Important qualities and skill of the Au Pair:

They need to be experience working with 1-2 year olds and preschool age children.

For the 1-2 year old they need to be comfortable getting down on the ground and helping Finn with his gross and fine motor skills. They need to love to read, do art or play music to engage him creatively as well.

For our 4 year old, just be fun and loving! She loves ballet, dramatic play, baking, arts and crafts. So someone who is able to make up activities easily!

Most important things when selecting an Au Pair:

  1. 1) Experience with 1-4 year olds. Mainly important with the younger kids as they will spend more time with him.
  2. 2) Independent.
  3. 3) Engaging with the kids - loves spending time with kids!
  4. 4) Organized and proactive around the house.

List of responsibilities the Au Pair will have:

  1. 1) Helping with breakfast and/or making lunch for Evie
  2. 2) Pick up and/or drop off (one kid - depends on the day).
  3. 3) On certain days being with Finn and taking him on walks, to the library, music class, swimming, playground, gymnastics.
  4. 4) Help with dinner, bath, bed time. So light cooking for the kids and clean up.
  5. 5) Help with random errands to the grocery store.

Most important rules at home:

  1. 1) Clean up after yourself and the kids.
  2. 2) Take shoes off in the house.
  3. 3) Be proactive if you see something that needs to be cleaned.

Post secondary accredited educational opportunities in hometown area:

Au Pair's private bedroom:

It is private with its own pedestrian entrance.

It has its own shower/bathroom, a queen bed, chairs, a pelaton, fridge, sink, kettle, and microwave. So its pretty amazing! Very light and pretty room.

It is by the swimming pool and hot tub so in the summer on weekends we will likely be down there.

Transportation Available?

Car, walking distance to downtown with shops.

Desired languages:


Ideal Au Pair's personality:

Fun, energetic, happy, easy-going, intelligent, considerate, caring, patient, creative, proactive/takes initiative.

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Available to start: January 2022


0-6 Months, 6-12 Months, 1-2, 3-6, 7-10, 11-15, 16-18

Personal Caregiver

native english speaker of English study

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    United States
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